Travel guide to Florence:Florence is not only one of the largest cities in Italy – it is one of Europe’s cultural jewels. For Travel guide to Florence, First-time visitors have a habit of being overwhelmed by the sheer depth of the place; spend their time dashing from one masterpiece to the next. It is the world’s greatest art treasures.

It is incredibly beautiful: a cluster of russet roofs and late medieval splendor amidst the wine growing hills of Chianti. Its ancient palaces, domes and lofty vaulted basilicas are filled with art galleries. The whole of the historic center of the town is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Dominating the city is the Duomo, the cathedral of the city, a landmark of elegance and beauty. Near the Arno river is crossed by the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, still full of shops and held up by stilts. Dating back to the 14th century, the bridge survived attacks during World War II. Standing by the river at night, with the city lit by twinkling lights, which becomes an unforgettable sight.

If you want to escape the crowds (down especially the millions of people in the city in summer), go to the south of the city, where they have hills, gardens and churches. A walk to San Miniato hill takes you to one of the highest points of the city, crowned by a Romanesque basilica. Again, the views are stunning.

It is also a dynamic and cosmopolitan 21st century city, with its food and drink special highlights. Gelato is a Florentine institution almost elevated to an art form.

What to see in Florence

Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Florence- the Uffizi gallery is the best museum in the Italian paintings – even people who do not like the Italian art like this museum. However, the Uffizi gallery is on the agenda of every 2-5 hours as queue or lines are very common. You can book tickets online or call the museum to book your tickets (they speak English)  you will be crazy  with this, if you do not book in advance.

Bargello Museum

The Bargello is an outstanding sculpture museum with works by Donatello, Della Robbia, Cellini, Giambologna, and Michelangelo. You can buy your tickets online but the lines are not nearly as bad as other museums.

Accademia Gallery

The Galleria dell’Accademia (Accademia Gallery) is the first sculpture gallery in Florence and is most famous for its sculptures by Michelangelo – especially the statue of David (there are many replicas of David statues in Florence, but this is one is unique). It should not be missed out. Again, book tickets online in advance.

More Museums

Want more art? Check out the Museum of San Marco (an old Dominican monastery which houses the largest collection of Fra Angelico’s works), Galileo Science Museum. Boboli gardens which now houses an impressive collection of Italian works). Basilica di Santa Croce (not really a museum, but it houses the tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo. It also features impressive frescoes).

Discover the rest of Florence. No tour of Florence is complete without exploring some of the other towns in Tuscany. Popular day trips are Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Fiesole, Lucignano, Siena and Chianti.


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