Things to Do in Agadir :“The Miami of Morocco called ‘modern Agadir offers nightlife, restaurants, golf, horseback riding, sunbathing, water fun beach and Kasbah view. Although named after a 16th century fortress (Agadir) on a hill north of it. Agadir is 70 km (43 miles) west of Taroudant. A new city was built as a resort near the sandy bay. Modern architecture, wide, tree-lined avenues, open squares and pedestrian areas contrast with the narrow streets of a traditional Moroccan city.

The new Marina d’Agadir is lined with boutiques, restaurants and apartments. Low-price hotels separating the center of the beautiful beach of Agadir, 10 km (6 miles) stretch to the south. Several activities are offered here, including wind-surfing and sailing. A new motorway Marrakech to Agadir has reduced the travel time from four to two hours.

Things to Do in Agadir

Basking in year-round sunshine on the beach is the main attraction of Agadir which is 10 km (6 miles) from the wide sandy beach and an average of 300 sunny days a year. In summer, Agadir is cooler than the interior of the country, while the winter weather is often sunny and mild with temperatures in the mid 20s Celsius (above 70 Fahrenheit).

The beach is huge and immaculately clean. Along the promenade, are hotels, beach clubs, bars, cafés and restaurants. In the middle of the bay is a ridge of rocks exposed at low tide, which shelters a large part of the beach of the Atlantic breakers and ensures safe swimming (flags provide warnings of dangerous conditions).

On the north side of the Agadir Beach billion Marina d’Agadir, is lined with apartments, shops and restaurants.

There are dozens of activities which take place on the beach, such as sailing (yacht club in the old port), jet skiing, body boarding, windsurfing and surfing and paragliding (all of which can be rented at several places along the beach).

A view from the Kasbah

The best view of the city is the Kasbah on the hill where the northern end dominates the bay. It’s a little far to walk, but the road winds along the hillside, giving magnificent views both for fishing and industrial doors where one can get   back to the beach.

The Kasbah is a historical monument city left in; an inscription ( “God, King, Country”) above the entrance in Dutch and Arabic dates from the mid 18th century, when the Kasbah was restored. In an expanse of green under the Kasbah is the Ancienne Talborjt, which is the site of  the ancient Agadir

Valley of the Birds

Another attraction is the valley of the birds, a park-cum-zoo between Hassan II and Avenue du 20 Aout, with several aviaries and animals in pens, including a group of Moroccan mouflon, a cross between a goat and a sheep.

A day of sport and a night on the tiles

Agadir has good sports facilities which comprise three excellent golf courses, the Royal, the Soleil and the dunes, the final run of Club Med, but open to non-residents. The Royal Tennis Club is located on Boulevard Hassan II in the center of the town.

Nicknamed “the Miami of Morocco”, Agadir has a busy nightlife, with an after-dinner activities which include casinos, cafes, live music and cabaret. Some of the most popular places are Papagayo and Zanzibar, both Riu Tikida Beach Bar Fly on Boulevard du 20 Aout and Sofitel So Bar.


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