Top places to visit in London:If you’re trying to decide what to see in London you could well find yourself spoiled for choice. With so much to offer, it may be difficult to visit the best places in London if you are on a tight schedule. Of world famous tourist centers such as the British Museum, the relatively obscure All Hallows by the Tower, London has just so much to offer!

So if you plan to check the capital of Great Britain and want to make the most of your trip, below are our selections of the best things to do in London. These expert lists highlights what to see on a short trip to London with the top places to visit in London stacked with the next few additional recommendations which are not reached but should not be ignored if you have more time.

WHAT TO SEE IN LONDON – TOP most visited places in LONDON

  1. Tower of London

The Tower of London is the bleeding history, even if it is the site of many executions which have been throughout the ages, usually the center of the most horrific events of the past in England. Commissioned by William the Conqueror and had stood for almost a thousand years, the tower is one of the most popular and visited spots in London. You can visit the prisons or simply gaze in wonder at the huge value of the crown jewels.

  1. THE London Royal Air Force Museum

An underrated gem on the outskirts of the city, the RAF Museum is often overlooked by standard lists of what to see in London. But with large pendant full of famous fighters and colossal bombers as well as interactive exhibits and virtual reality theaters, this is one of the most fun things to do in London, especially for children.


One of the most famous places in London, Westminster Abbey is known for its abundance of royal events which took place over the centuries, most recently the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It offers impressive architecture and famous funeral – including Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I and Henry III – as Poets’ Corner and even the Coronation Chair. Westminster Abbey has a lot to offer.

  1. Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker

This one is so hidden, in fact, was originally known only to the select few who ran the country, and maybe even whispered about in dark corners by locals … When considering interesting places to visit in London, this is definitely one for the left-field list.


Buckingham Palace is a staple entrance to any list of London’s top places to visit. As can be seen usually in the top three, we are somewhat degraded because we feel that it can be a bit over-hyped and inundated by tourists. That does not mean it doesn’t worth a visit, there are still some big things, including the changing of the guard, the nineteen State Rooms and the Royal Collections.


One of the most iconic buildings in the city, St. Paul’s is an architectural masterpiece carved into the London skyline. Among the many pulls on offer is the famous Whispering Gallery, famous for its mysterious acoustics, as well as the burial crypt of a host of celebrated British celebrities, including Nelson, Wellington and Sir Christopher Wren, which houses the structure of the cathedral. It is high to see the lists of things in London for most visitors “, so a visit here is not a quiet experience, but well worth a venture.

  1. British Museum

Almost everyone who comes to this city put the British Museum on their to-see list. A world-famous museum of history and culture, and chosen as one of the top 10 places to visit in London. It contains some of the largest and most respected collections in the world, from the Babylonian brickwork to objects from Rome.

  1. Leeds Castle

For those willing to venture outside the center of London, Leeds Castle offers some of the most majestic sights available. A magnificent Norman castle, a visit here provides tree-top adventure, ballooning, flower gardens and afternoon tea. On a nice day, the sheer beauty makes it one of the best things to achieve on your trip to London.


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