There are so many sights in Asia that definitely worth visiting. Most backpackers Unfortunately, however, do not have the time and/or money required to visit all these places. Yet there are some complete places that actually requires visiting at least once during your backpacking trip. The sights in the top five that we have made are pretty far apart. Visiting these five places  during a single trip may  be difficult to accomplish, hence try  visiting one or two should be ok at a time.

1) Taj Mahal
Agra 1

This is one of the seven wonders of the world, the symbol of India and on our list of favorite things to do in Asia. This beautiful building is in fairly uninteresting city of Agra that seats next to Taj Mahal at Agra Fort is also beautiful.

2) Great Wall of China
Great Wall 1

This impressive building was originally built as a defense against invasions of various peoples. With a length of more than 6,000 kilometers of running it through a large part of, northern China. Large parts of the wall have fallen into disrepair and hardly visited. Around Beijing , however,there are some restored pieces of the wall,including the popular Band Signaling (and commercial).

3) Angkor
Siem Reap 5

To achieve the two locations above becomes more difficult for some backpackers .Angkor is  ideally located in the heart of Southeast Asia, at Siem Reap in Cambodia. Do your calculations and planning if you want to be  rest  assured to visit all of these  largest complex temples  in the world in few days.

4) Bagan
Bagan 1

In Bagan , Myanmar is not one specific temple that is very special, but it is the sheer amount of temples that makes it one of the most beautiful places in Asia. Explore the thousands of temples across the extensive grounds by scooter, you’re there for a few days visit. But the place is a beautiful sunrise over the temples.

5) Borobudur
Yogyakarta 4

Yogyakarta is by many regarded as the cultural capital of Indonesia and Borobudur , the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world, certainly contributes to this.Borobudur is located just outside the city in the center of the island of Java.


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