Tips for traveling alone

When traveling alone, the world seems like a very scary place as a solo traveler,here i have listed below the essential tips for travelling alone . You might be uncomfortable at first. Maybe you’re afraid that something could happen. Calm your nerves by having a plan. If you follow these simple tips, you can be better prepared.

Best Tips For Traveling Alone-The Ultimate Guide

Tips For Traveling Alone

Before Departure:

Certainly, there are many questions running through your head. You may wonder whether it is dangerous to go alone, or how are you going to meet new people? Here are some safety tips for travelling solo and determining whether you are ready to travel alone.

Safety First:

If you find yourself to be alone or travelling alone on an event as a solo traveler, then get prepared and stay alert. Get your response and security measures ready by getting your cell phone charged to call and whistle for help. A whistle is a universal call for help – blow it loud if you are in trouble and help will come. Your mobile phone must have the numbers of the local fire, police, and emergency numbers.

If the phone can not work in the country you are traveling to,you may be able to use an international plan with your provider, but if not, you can buy a cheap local Phone and SIM card. If your phone is unlocked, you can change your SIM card and use a local SIM card to save money by making local calls. In Turkey, for example, a local SIM card and an external unlocked phone will only work for 30 days. Some US phones are CDMA, while EU uses GSM, so check with your provider before your trip so that they can help figure it out.

Call: call local police, fire and ambulance services numbers.

Be prepared: In case of emergency, dial the local police and emergency numbers in your phone.

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It’s All About You:

Of course, travelling alone has its pros and cons. One of the pros of traveling solo is your time to enjoy yourself fully. A solo trip is all about you and the people you choose to meet. Because you are independent and you are in total control, you just what to suits things for yourself. Solo travel makes us less dependent on other people.

Face Your Fears and Emotions:

face your fears

A solo trip is the best time to work on yourself while travelling. If you do not work on your trip, it will not be as fun as it was intended. Therefore plan the things you want to improve. By working on yourself while travelling, you’ll have more fun. Of course you do not want to hurt anyone else while travelling.

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Respect others and read their body language. There is nothing worse than the person on the plane with you disturbs you all through your trip. To prevent calls and disturbance, put your headphones on and say, excuse me, I’m going to listen to my music.

Does Solo Travel mean that you are alone?

Solo travel does not mean you will be alone. If you are travelling alone it seems that people approach you more. In fact it is very easy to meet people. Perhaps it is because you are travelling alone, you will be more open to meet other people. Somehow, I meet locals and other travellers super fast when I’m on my rides. I think the best place to meet people is at your hotel, on a bus or train. There are plenty of options to meet a variety of people on buses and trains.

Useful Links

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Stop at the hotel for a pick up at the airport, bus or train.

Study a map of your destination. Know your location


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