Preparing yourself for a solo journey can often cause some fears, especially if it is your first solo trip, and with good reason because there are many things that can cause anxiety as a female solo traveler.

If there is one piece of advice that I can offer, you can overcome these concerns, and the fears that you find obsessive before you travel will drift as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Below are some of the most fearful thoughts you consider as a female solo traveler and how to overcome these fears!


Some of the biggest fears a female solo traveler will have are safety concerns, but this can be mitigated as well. Criminals are generally everywhere looking for vulnerable travelers who has distracted in their attention, or have bags or items in the open air.

Female Solo Traveler-safety

Although you may not be able to arrange everything yourself in terms of safety, make sure you are smart, keep your wallet and documents in an inside pocket and avoid wearing clothes or accessories that make you stick out.

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Unwanted Attention from Men

Another concern that many women will have is that the men in some countries will be pushy or aggressive. On this note its advice-able to wear conservative dresses because this has been proven to reduce this attention, responding to such behavior by being determined and self-confident enough to deter the men.

single woman traveling alone

If the situation starts to develop and gets worse, it’s best to go to a public place where you can ask for help, such as a restaurant or a police station.

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Table for One

During my first solo trip this was one of my biggest fears because I realized that I had never had a meal in public before. Few years later it has become a normal phenomenon, and I do not think it’s a problem.As I said before, solo travel is not like the movie Castaway. You will not face a volleyball to sit across the table opposite you!

Eating alone allows you to make friends with locals, waiters and other travelers, and you can really enjoy the experience of dining at your destination.


Being lonely is something that can happen to anyone,yes i mean this! but since you spend time away from friends and family, this can be something that many solo female travelers experience. If you know this in advance, you can plan to go to Skype or call friends at certain times.


You will also meet people during your trip, and if you are the social type you will rarely notice that there is no one to talk to in your hostel or hotel.

Be Out of Your Comfort Zone 

This is a natural fear anyone would consider, but until you actually travel, you will not really understand how well you react to the experience of travel.

Female Solo Traveler-leaving your comfort zone

The biggest thing you will probably learn is how resilient you are, and even if you are terribly afraid of coming out of your comfort zone, you will be surprised at how resourceful you can be once things start to happen.

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Getting stuck 
This for sure is one of the most common fear you consider at first, especiall when you find yourself in an unfamiliar surround,this can be very frightening, but in reality it is something that happens to very few people during their journey.

The most important thing here is to ensure that you have a backup plan and know what you will do in emergency situations. Having the contact number for the emergency line of your travel insurance company is a good start!

I always recommend making copies of your passport and travel documents and storing them digital format where you can consult them if necessary.

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Stop at the hotel for a pick up at the airport, bus or train.

Study a map of your destination. Know your location


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