Things to do in Alicante: Why go to Alicante? If you need a little getaway with culture, good food and convenient beaches, Alicante is the place for you. It’s not big or neither too small, it is perfect for a weekend and you will have enough time to explore the beauty of the Costa Blanca.

The Grand Marina

When entering Alicante the first things you see is the port and the huge breakwater that protect it. This is a paradise for any guy or girl hoping for a romantic stroll with a friend. It is a great place to walk around and do some day-dreaming about the day when you have your own private yachts.

The Old City – Barrio

You definitely will go and get lost in the streets of the old town; it is nice and usually gives you the true feel for the city. This is also the area where you will find the nightlife. The streets in the old town are a complete change from day to night.

Playa de Postiguet – A Classic City Beach

This is the beauty in the heart of Alicante City Center, and it is a beautiful beach that offers clean water with close access to everything.

Santa Bárbara Castle

Its was built in 400 B.C containing all sorts of people and objects. Romans and Arabs used the drawbridges, battery, hospitals and prisons. It’s free attraction to see if you’re going to reach the hill to the castle. You will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views over Alicante, the mountains and the sea. If you don’t feel like walking you can always take the elevator to the castle of Juan Bautista Lafora. Remember this is a great way to get more space for tapas and wine in the abdomen. The elevator ride will cost you a small fee and tours usually cost about € 3 euros.

Playa de San Juan

This is the most beautiful beaches of all and it is only five kilometers from the center of Alicante. You can easily get there by tram which will take about 20 min. This beach is perfect for a sunny day and for relaxation as well! The water is clear, clean and beautiful for swimming

Tabarca island

We all love a little getaway; this is why we have the little island called Tabarca. Only about 50 minutes away from Alicante, Tabarca is surrounded by the blue waters and the Mediterranean. It is the only inhabited island in the region.

It is Mediterranean Marine Reserve, where you see the possibilities of snorkeling and diving around the island for marine life displays. The island has unobtrusively biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Discovering the best Mojito in El Coscorrón

For me this was the coolest place having the bars and nightclubs in Alicante. You can enter through a small window-door and suddenly you’re in the dungeon Mojito sky at El Coscorrón Bar. This is one of the most refreshing places to visit in Alicante!!

Other things to do in Alicante

But finding good food is one of the most important things to do in Alicante. I recommend walking down the Calle San Fernando, where you will discover all the tapas places as well as the delicious food. You can stop at El garaje bar which is a place where locals offers generous grabbing food with great prices. Enjoy this place! My favorite is the La Taberna San Pascual, with excellent service, great food, great atmosphere, beautiful table wine and reasonable prices.


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