Australia has more than 26,000 km of coastline with plenty of beaches,here we have done an-in-depth report on the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Most beaches are never crowded, and some you can even walk kilometers without meeting anyone. Many Australian beaches are heavenly beautiful, it is not surprising that most Australians live near the coast. The 5 most beautiful according Bluezzz, are listed in  random order.

1. Queensland Beach

qld beaches

Whitehaven Beach is the beach of your dreams;its one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia having white sand and crystal clear sea in a beautiful archipelago-omgeveving. The beach is one of the 75 Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. It is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world ! With a sailing tour of the Whitsundays, you can visit this stunning beach and swim. On the 6 km long beach where you can relax, enjoy the sun and the beautiful green surroundings. There is nothing like waking up in Whitehall (e) aven Beach!

Sailing trips to the Whitsunday islands are offered in the Netherlands, among others Tenzing Travel and Australia Online . Cruise Travel offers several cruises calling at the Whitsundays. Also, this East Coast trip of 333 Travel offers the opportunity for any visit to Whitehaven. With Sunsail you can rent a yacht and explore the beautiful beaches of the Whitsunday Islands.

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2. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, WA

Turquoise Bay,Exmouth

Turquoise Bay is part of the Ningaloo Reef and is located in the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth. As the name suggests, it’s clear waters turquoise color.Directly in front of the coast you will find the colorful coral reef with lots of different kinds of fish, turtles, small sharks, rays and even dolphins.Even better,this beautiful beach and coral reef often have to share with only a handful of other people. With a drink in hand, watching the sunset, you will never want to leave.

3. Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island, QLDLake Mckenzie, Fraser Island


If you feel that the sand is not whiter and the water can not be brighter, flick over again with your eyes as Lake Mckenzie surpasses it. Lake McKenzie is a real must see on Fraser Island, which lies across from Hervey Bay in Queensland. After a walk through the forest you arrive at the clear blue lake, also called “Window lake. The water is so clear that you can even see the bottom to fifteen meters deep! This unique place obviously attracts some tourists, but is also large enough to find a place for yourself. You get there by ferry from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. Fraser Island is only passable by a 4 × 4 car because of the soft sand, this is an adventure in itself. Do you want to stay here, there are several resorts and campsites where you can choose from.

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4. Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory, VIC

Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island

Squeaky Beach is such a hidden beach where you struggle to come, but this ultimately worths it . After a brisk walk through the Wilsons Promontory National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Australia, you arrive at Squaky Beach. From a distance you can see the white beach and turquoise water all lie. This beach owes its name from the sand that crackles as soon as your feet hit the white sand. Go picnic, swim or enjoy the beautiful view. Who wants a really stunning views of Squeaky Beach can climb Mount Oberon. The Wilsons Promontory is only allowed a limited number of campers, so if you want to stay here, be there on time. Have you won a spot, then you have this paradise almost to yourself.

For organized tours calling Wilsons Promontory, check here (Travel Australia), here (Smart Holidays) or here (333 Travel).

5. Cable Beach, Broome, WA

Cable Beach, Broome, WA

Cable Beach is more than 20 kilometers of beach in Broome , in the northwest of Australia . With a fire red rock landscape in the background and the spectacular sunsets across Australia Cable Beach is a beach to remember more. Going for  fishing in the Indian Ocean or row with your 4 × 4 on the beach looking for the best spots. Cable Beach is not one of the most favorite beaches of the Aussies itself. From March to October you can  see the natural phenomenon “staircase to the moon.” This phenomenon is caused by a rising full moon. At low tide the moonlight on the sands is reflected creating an optical illusion of a staircase to the moon.

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What else can we do than sunbathing, swimming and lazing around? Take a camel ride on the beach! Nothing as special as the sunset view from the back of a camel.

For Organized tours who  love to visit Broome, you can check here at Travelaustralië.nl . The self-doer fly directly to Broome from Perth or Darwin and immediately booked a camper with the flight

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