Places to Visit in Key West: Enjoy the Annual Daschund Walk, and several other free and zany activities in Key West. I hope that some of this Travel tips will guide you on your visit to the southernmost part of the United States.

 Here is our list for where to go and what to see.

Sunset at Mallory Square – If you ever been to Key West, you probably have been here. But if you’re a newbie, this is something you should not miss. Each night, two hours for Sunset, Key West celebrates the sun sink into the Gulf meets with a festival at Mallory Square. There are street Artists, Artists and exhibitors are all there and it’s just too much of fun. I mean, where else in the world do people celebrate the sunset every evening?

Stay in a bungalow – Key West is known for its fun, brightly colored, bungalow style houses which cover the Island. So in my opinion, I think that for a true island vibe visitor, it’s much better to stay in one room or in a hotel.

Live Music – It’s everywhere in Key West. If you walk down Duval Street you find music from almost every bar, and it’s good! Sloppy Joes Has usually a big band Coverage which will definitely make you get up and dance!

Artsy Fartsy – In Key West, there are so many great galleries filled with art and many things to decorate your home. Most DIY Artists live here.Not to mention the support of local artisans.

Key West Wildlife Center-Key West Wildlife Center is located in the Sonny McCoy. This national Park is the dream of all bird-lovers. The center has native wildlife which has a special focus on birds. It is the perfect place to spot wildlife.

Key West Garden Club-This is the former Civil War-era fort which has been converted to a lush and free public garden; the Key West Garden Club has palm trees, waterfalls and coastal view. Members of the nonprofit club donate the planting and the maintaining of the gardens containing blooming orchids, bromeliads and water lilies. This indeed is a must visit.

Key West Dachshund Walk-Every New Year’s Eve, the Key West dachshunds (or rather, their owners) Celebrate and parade round the town. Registration is not necessary to do, although donations of dog and cat food are encouraged to Community Pet Pantry. It begins at noon on the court.

Sloppy Joe’s Dropping of the Conch Shell-The Sloppy Joe’s will charge a small fee on New Year’s Eve for feeding, their iconic 23-Annual Fall shell which is visible from the street.

Schooner Wharf “Lowering the Pirate Wench“-The Schooner Wharf Bar Has No cover charge on New Year’s Eve, so visitors who visit annually can see  “Lowering the pirate wench” without breaking the bank. Here live music continues until 4:00

Bourbon Street Pub Shoe Dropout -The VIP tickets to the balcony level of the Bourbon Street Pub are around $150 charge on New Year’s Eve, which also includes an open bar. Running around the ground floor is free and open for the Public. Drag performer Sushi does Leaning in to Drop a giant high heel for her 19th consecutive New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks on Black water Sound-This occurs in the New Year with fireworks over Black water Sound. It’s free to view from each location through a bayside view, but the organizers suggest several areas of locations.


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