Marrakech Travel Warning:Marrakech is generally located or found in Morocco. It is even more popular destination for travelers this year. Here are our top tips for a visit to Marrakech!

  1. Heat

Marrakech in summer reaches desert-like temperatures, the heat is like an increased door pink walled with buildings and narrow alleyways. Certainly be prepared for this, getting hydrated, stay cool with thin loose clothing for the summer (May-August) you may attempt to explore this place in the morning or late afternoon!

  1. Being harassed

The best way to explain this is to say that you will essentially pay bills to many of the shopkeepers in the souks; they are all enthusiastic to get you to buy goods in their stores. After the first trip to the souks I have ignore the knee of the polite, but sometimes it is just a great fun to go, be careful although we slightly spent time on trying  Moroccan slippers and when we decided that it did not look so good on the store, Eigenaar got a little aggressive. We walk out the door opened the souks for a little exploration, and what next! Expect to be harassed. However, the Local Population is accommodated or the majorities are very friendly and are willing to help where they can!

  1. Haggle

In addition to the above, you will find walking Tour Prizes if you ask. Say no and go with a very low price you are willing to pay. If they donot agree opt with the Will to walk away. Walking away tactically works very well, like often when they see you are leaving they often will accept your offer. Chance is they are getting a huge profit on the tip of the items anyway so do not worry if you think you are rude, it’s all part of the experience.

  1. Stay in a Riad

There are hundreds of riads over the medina and they are the best place to stay for a real Marrakech experience, they range from Basic to Luxurious. Many people in Airbnb luxury hotels-including La Sultana El Fenn hotel which is also in a number of converted riads, an authentic conversation feeling, is useful while providing a comfortable and luxurious stay.

  1. Taxi Fares

A tip invaluable for your stay is the taxi fares. Once met your taxi driver will bill you the amount that must be paid before the journey begins. EVEN if you are staying in a hotel make sure that the amount on taxi travel tour is negotiated. Try not to get into die lined taxis which are outside the tourist attractions-including the Majorelle Gardens.


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