Kandawgyi Lake and Inya lake:The Kandawgyi Lake (Great Royal Lake) is located in the major city and is one of the  major lakes in Yangon. It is an artificial lake channeled from the Inya Lake during the British colonial era of the city in 18th century. The Kandawyi Lake and Inya lake are good places to take a leisure meal. Today it is usually a great place to relax.  The center of the lake is a hamsa-bird-shaped floating barge on the eastern seaboard, which is a concrete replica of a Burmese royal barge built in 1972. Around these lakes are buffet restaurants, serving delicious food which is one of the great things the lake offers. The lake has a circumference of five miles and a depth of 20 to 45 inches. The Kandawgyi is surrounded by the Yangon Zoo, Aquarium, Hotel Nikko Royal Lake, Kantharyar Hospital, and many restaurants.

Utopia Tower from view(Kandawgyi Lake)

The area is called Kandawgyi Lake. It has a Kind of a recurrence name as Kandawgyi, meaning the big lake in Myanmar language. This is apparently more beautiful than some sets of restaurants, botanical garden and playgrounds. We began the journey of utopian building. It was one of the brightest building at night and the longest we’ve seen aside from the temples. I asked the hotel receptionist what’s inside. They said it was a disco. Ah, it’s day time.

From the outside of Utopia Tower looked like an old wall stoned building. When we came closer to it, we were fooled. It is made of brick and modern construction material. However, it has 6 floors. Within its entertainment venue includes bars, pubs and KTV. We took a lift to the top.

The Inya and Kandawgyi Lake looks pretty Down from Utopia Tower at Inya Lake. It is one of the largest lakes in Yangon, but it is actually artificial. For decades ago, the British Colonial channeled the water pipes in Kandawgyi to supply clean water to the city. With lake, garden and some umbrellas on the bench, the place is really nice to just relax. As at the time I was there, almost all the seats were occupied by couples who spend their romantic moment, hugging and kissing.

Inya Lake is really a romantic place for couples. Walking a long the lake, we came to Karaweik Garden, popularly called by people as Kandawgy Nature Park. The garden is built around the Kandawgy Lake, which is less than Inya Lake. I was curious with the nice giant golden boat I saw from Utopio tower. It happens that the Karaweik Palace is a famous landmark of Yangon. Later, I found a lot of souvenir shop in T-shirts, bags and other belongings. The palace is the concrete copy of a royal barge. It is the shape of a pair of mandarin ducks wearing a pagoda. I thought it was a palace where the king and queen live or formerly lived. But it is actually a cultural place.

In the evening there is usually some cultural shows like, the traditional Myanmar dance and theater. It really too bad that no shows or display occurs during the afternoon. The place is pretty big and you will not realize that you might have run for hours.

The best places to feel the breeze are Royal Lake (Kandawgyi Lake) and Inya Lake.The additional places to visit are ChaukhtatKyi Paya with a large reclining Buddha Image, Gems Museum and Yangon Harbor.


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