How to make friends in a Hostel: When traveling alone, staying in hostels is the best way to meet people. Usually you will have great room-mates that you could work with in order to explore the city and these people can be your friends for life. Here’s a quick guide on how to make friends in your hostel!

Choose a lively hostel with good reviews and not one that is full of drug dealers and thieves. There are plenty of hostels with good facilities and that are fun and lively! You need to choose from a hip and social hostel otherwise you may just find yourself in a room with no one to explore the city!

Stay in a dorm. This is the most obvious step to take, but you will have to make friends first with the people in your room! Shock! Sometimes smaller dorms are better because instead of 12 people, you may need 6. A smaller room of people means that you can usually get to know them better.

Above 12-bed dorms are flipping annoying. I once stayed in a dorm room of 20 and I was on the third floor of the beds. Which meant climbing over two people, trying not to drop a million meters on the ground and although not showing my underpants! Do not be shy! When you say hello, first move to your room, be friendly and ask them where they come from. That’s usually a good question to start a conversation. Not one of those girls who seem to think they’re too good for everyone and does not need friends. Nobody likes ‘those’ kinds of people. Rant over.

Get organize in your hostel if they are any kind of event or travel. This may be good for most good hostels who organize social events and free walking tours. My hostel in Las Vegas hosted a different type of party every night including a limousine and free alcohol at night. I have stayed in a few hostels where we do free walking tours, so you could get to know the city a little better while making friends!

Say yes! If someone asks you if you want to do something with them, always say yes to new opportunities! If you do not want them, say no next time? Simple. If you’ve never been looking for one, you’ll never know!

Be social and hang around in the common areas where you can meet other lone travelers who will be willing to hangout. Not just to hang in your bed all night, because the chances of you making friends are not going high. Involve yourself in the pool playing, relaxing and having fun with other!


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