How It Works

Secret Airfare tips does not sell airfares.We have developed software which searches thousands of airfares every day to find price errors, price drops and other discounted fares on flights across the world. We then post them on the website so our readers can take advantage of them.

Who handles bookings?

You’re booking direct with the airlines, travel agents and companies we recommend. Many people are suspicious at the super cheap flights however we are simply helping you save money. We don’t sell any airfares or benefit from the sale fares (although we do like to travel as much as possible on these cheap fares too). For example a recent deal, Auckland to Singapore only $375 return caused a lot of concern. This was a Booking Buddy Sale and all bookings were made via their website. This was a perfectly legitimate sale and many people saved over $400 on the usual prices. Think of us as a news site – but a more exciting one.

Why do we do it?

Some of our deals include affiliate links meaning we earn a small commission on every sale generated through our website. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Why do travel agents not promote the same deals?

There are two reasons, the first, is that they may be unaware of the deals we find or they don’t want consumers knowing about them. We’ve been to travel agents before and they require your dates to search airfares. Try asking a travel agent for the cheapest price (We guarantee they’ll say they can’t tell you without dates to lookup) or the one quoted in the window, ‘Fly to London for $1495*.’ Yes the asterisk is there because the agent may have only found 1 flight between the selected dates where the price was actually $1495. Any other dates will actually be $1695. This is to get you through the door and up sell you. This leads on to the second point in that travel agents are businesses too and need their cut and promoting seats like ours means rock bottom commissions.

Can I buy the fares through a travel agent?

We recommend the best agent to purchase from in each article. For example we may suggest you book direct with In other cases we recommend Expedia as they have 20% off sales every now and then. Other times we recommend other platforms as they offer loss leaders on cheap flights to Australia to boost their customer base. This is good for consumers as it makes travel cheaper.

You may be able to take our articles into a travel agent and let them try and price match or book the same flights. STA Travel unofficially reached out to us to say, ‘we can book all your flights through our stores,’ however you can’t book them online. If you feel more comfortable booking via a travel agent then please do so however our site makes money when you buy your flights online so if you’d like to support us then book online.

Do you help with accommodation, tours etc?

Some deals include accommodation however we have a couple of projects underway where we’ll expose super cheap package holidays (airfares + hotel + tours), and one for hotels and hostels. By joining our mailing list you’ll be first to know about their launch.

Can you help find my dream holiday?

We’ll help beat your quote received from any Country travel agent. If we can beat it by $100 then we simply charge an admin fee ($50) for our time. This means your guaranteed to save $50 although most customers save $300+ when booking accommodation and tours too. Please contact us via Facebook for more details.

Why join the mailing list?

We email some of our best deals to our subscribers before posting them on Facebook. Some deals aren’t even posted on social media as we want our readers to get the best possible chance at these deals. We’ll also help with accommodation deals such as 20% off coupons for or Other deals include super cheap travel insurance, lounge passes, how to get free airmiles etc. We try to minimise emails so you might only receive a couple each week – perfect.

Why you should use Secret Seats?

How many other sites post cheap airfares? If you want to travel cheap you need to say goodbye to the travel agent. If you want to buy a complete travel package then a travel agent is perfect however the price is likely to be much higher than doing it yourself. Times are tough and consumers like to save as much as they can, using Secret Seats can help you achieve that.

What is our goal?

To help more kiwis travel and see the world at an affordable price.