Atlas Mountains Morocco:The Atlas Mountains are found in the middle of the country between Taroudant and Taza, and about 80 km from the Atlantic coast near Agadir and Essaouira. The mountain range is divided into the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas and Anti-Atlas. It is (4167m) high with Jebel Toubkal, being the highest mountain in North Africa. The unique country is inhabited by Berbers, whose generosity leaves visitors with colorful and wonderful memories. High peaks to valleys to plateaus, canyons of the High Atlas are a great place for people who love to draw as well as hiking.

– When traveling in the High Atlas mountains, tractor and hikers will be naturally drawn to the Toubkal National Park. Being vast forests of Holly Oaks, Thujas and Junipers, travelers encounter contrasting landscapes of plateaus and Valleys.

– An exploration of the Ourika Valley takes you somewhere completely different, yet only a stone’s throw from Marrakech. This valley really brings visitors to the Berber mountain universe, traditional and preserved in perfect harmony with nature.

– In the heart of the Anti-Atlas, Taroudant is an ideal starting point for many beautiful walks. The Ammeln Valley, at the foot of Jebel Lkest, hiding in its pockets for most of the villages in the region. It also ventures into exceptionally lush oases, where fig trees, date palms and almond trees grow beside waterfalls and rapids.

What to do in the ATLAS MOUNTAINS…

The Atlas Mountains are for walking in most special locations. Unlike the Alps, you will walk through really wild places, not seen as a road or cable car. Hardcore hikers usually head for Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas, but there is great hiking in the Anti-Atlas that occurs throughout the year.

The Atlas Mountains are home to the Berbers, which will be your mountain guides and mentors. So get some knowledge about their culture before you go and do not forget this wonderful fact: The name Berber comes from the Roman times, and is Latin for barbarian. However, the name they give themselves is Amazigh, which means ‘free people’. During a visit to the Atlas Mountains with the Berber, that sense of freedom is contagious.

The Atlas Mountains are the perfect place to look for a dreamy sleep. It could be under the stars, wild camping on a mountain plateau. Or in a mountain hut where climbers have laid their heads for generations towards Toubkal. On the other hand, you can deposit into an elegant Kasbah, often with their own hammams to end the day. Kasbahs will always rock you to sleep…

Would you like to take photos everywhere you go in the Atlas Mountains, not only the landscape, but also the Berbers. But please remember to respect people, always ask for permission, give them time to respond and thank them even if they disagree.

If you are hiking in the High Atlas, altitude sickness can be a problem, especially since the hit nausea territory is around 2800m. Altitude sickness can affect anyone, so do not ignore it and follow the advice of your tour operator to slowly acclimatize.

Water is a scarce resource, so do not waste it. In hammams, for example, buckets are delivered to rinse oneself after a scrub. You also need to purify the water for drinking. Bottled water is available everywhere, but recycling plastics is impossible in Morocco. And as iodine tablets are banned in the EU, holiday companies are no longer using them. Bring water purification tablets like Biox Aqua drops with you.


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