Almeria Travel Tips: Almeria is a sunny resort town on the south coast of the beautiful region of Andalusia in Spain, known as the famous cities of Malaga, Granada and Marbella. Although Almeria is mostly visited because of its beautiful soft beaches having a clear blue sea, the center of the city is also a major attraction, being steeped in history and has offered many historical attractions. Because of its beautiful surroundings and warm Mediterranean climate, it is the ideal place to visit for a family romantic holiday.

How to get there

The city and several nearby towns along the coast are all served by Almeria Airport (LEI). This airport has flights to and from major European cities, including London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and Dublin, operated by top European airlines such as Thomas Cook Airlines, easy Jet and Air Berlin. All flights between the UK and Almeria work daily. Almeria International Airport is the busiest airport in the region and is just five miles from the east of the city center. Local public transport taxis and rental cars are available at the airport.

If you are already in Spain, you can travel to Almeria center via the Spanish highway system. The main highway in the city is the A-7 Mediterranean Highway, which connects Almeria with other Mediterranean cities, or you can catch a flight from Madrid or Barcelona.


During the summer, temperatures can reach above 30 ° C, so if you’re not very good with heat, it is best to visit in spring or autumn, which are cooler and more bearable around 20 ° C. The winter sees highs of up to 18 ° C, making Almeria a great place to spend the winter.


The culture of the people of Almeria and Andalucía in general region differs from the rest of Spain because of its isolated location on the south coast. The local accent has a different direction and the history of the area is varied due to the occupation by various peoples, including the Romans and the Arab peoples, who have stayed there, over the last 2,000 years.

Many parts of Spain, festivals are a big part of the culture of the city, and are attributed with many holy days, including Easter and Christmas fairs celebrations. There are also wine and harvest festivals every year.

Dining out

Almeria is a great place for good food with low prices. There are few gourmet or five-star restaurants in the city catering predominantly with the local made cafes and restaurants where you can try the delicious dishes from Spain and the environment at an attractive price.

If you want to eat foods which are not Spanish, like the British, Italian foods, then you’re out of luck, unless you travel to a nearby town. Each bar and restaurant in the town serves the best of Spanish and Andalusian cuisine. In the center of the city are the best restaurants in Almeria as they cater for locals and Spanish visitors instead of foreign tourists, and have thus lower prices and more authentic dishes, although the coastal restaurants are perfect for a romantic evening overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Going for sightseeing in Almeria is a real treat because there is so much to see in this beautiful coastal city. In the town, visitor can explore the many buildings and structures from different periods of the history of the city, including the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria, which occupies a prominent place in the city and it is the main attractions of the city for locals.

Other sights to see in Almeria are Las Claras Convent and unusual Chanca, which houses the carved in the rocks on the coast. These small homes are unique visitor attractions in the region.

Attraction Locations in Almeria

Museum of Almeria

Museum of the city is the ideal place to visit for those who want to know more about the history of the area and the city. It has permanent exhibitions, artifacts and archaeological findings in and around the city, including the Roman and Arabic artifacts, as well as the Greek and pre-historical exhibitions. Entrance to the museum costs about € 1.50 for non-EU citizens.

Cathedral of Santa Maria

Although you probably have seen the cathedral while exploring the city, the best way to see and experience it from the inside. The interior is just as impressive as the castle-like exterior, with its marble altar and other functions, as well as its high and impressive vaulted ceiling. There is a small entrance fee of about € 2, which goes for the upkeep of the Cathedral.

La Alcazaba

Entered through a watchtower and dotted with colorful bougainvillea, this 10th-century sandstone fortress complex that is free to enter for EU nationals.

Oasys Theme Park

It is a part of the area of ​​the ‘Mini Hollywood’ and based on old-style Western and cowboy films, many of which are actually filmed in the area. Attractions within the theme park include a western city, exciting live ‘cowboys and Indians’ shows, Western museums and a small zoo full of exotic animals. There is also a photo studio where you can take souvenir photos. Everyone will have a great day in this exciting theme park. Admission is about € 19 for adults and € 9 for children.






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