Tips To Overcome Flight Fear

Most of us wait all year to go on holiday, but the fear of flying can add a remark of fear to the sweet desire.We have decided to research on how you can overcome your fears to fly on air and now we have found 12 really effective methods.

 Use theory

Many people are afraid to fly because of their unconscious belief that a big metal thing can really stay in the air. To overcome these doubts just read some theory.

A short web search tells you that:

  • Aircraft moves in the air as well as car does on the road.
  • Turbulence, simply, is motion through “rough air” – like on a bad road.
  • Flight operators are planning the flight routes thoroughly so that aircraft can not collide.

Research statistics

Statistics is your friend because, according to estimates, the risk of death in an aircraft crash is extremely small (1:30 million). For a better effect, compare this risk to other risks.
For example, it’s much easier to die of food poisoning than a flight accident.
The most dangerous vehicle is the car. An aircraft is about 6,000 times safer.

Prepare for the Experience

Panic often comes for passengers through the new experience. Our body can respond to a change of pressure, so learn in advance what happens to you and the plane in flight.

  • A slight change of how you feel is normal.
  • An enormous speed at start and landing is normal.
  • Wings moving in flight are normal.
  • Upon reaching the height, it may seem that the plane has stopped, but it is not.

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Learn how Airports work

You feel calmer when you see how many people fly every day and how regularly aircraft are undergoing maintenance. Visit an airport, just look at the work.

  • Every 5 years the aircraft will be fully under control and maintenance.
  • Aircraft are going through a fault check for each flight.
  • Interim full exams do not occur less than once every 3 months.

Fly more often

People who are afraid of flying, notice that fear falls as you fly more often. When flight stops with an event, stop them for fear.

Take a virtual Flight

It may seem stupid, but according to research, VR flights can adapt to real air travel. If you can not fly anymore, you might need to try virtual travel?

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Avoid bad News

Try to protect yourself from bad news before the flight: you do not need to know about air crashes and crashes. Make sure you go deep into the case, looking for old accidents.

Breathe Correctly

If you feel fear during flight, fight and do not panic. For example, you can adjust your breathing:

  • Breathe within 3 seconds.
  • Keep your breath in 3 seconds.
  • Breathe out for 3 seconds.
  • Keep your breath in 3 seconds.
  • Repeat until you think the fear disappears.
  • Remember that you are breathing with your stomach.

Accept the lack of control

Fear of flights is in many ways related to the lack of control over the situation. Therefore, just accepting the fact that the aircraft is handled by experienced professionals whose qualifications are sufficient to handle most unexpected circumstances.

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Try to be distracted

Deduce your attention so as not to remember the flight risks.

  • Read a book.
  • Play a game with your neighbor.
  • Have some food.
  • Play with your phone
  • Solve math problems in your mind.

Use Your imagination

Imagine the city you will arrive soon. Or think of a place where you feel calm and good. Dream in dreams or memories.

Do not let the fear Overflow You

Put a thin rubber band on your wrist. If you can not fight the fear and feel in panic, get the tape on your hand. The relief of pains will make you come to your senses.

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