Must have Travel Accessories
Must have Travel Accessories

Making a solo trip is perhaps one of the best things a woman can do.It is incredibly brave to explore a distant land on your own and it really worth the time,here we have outlined 10 must have travel accessories for solo travelers.

But traveling without friends or family means that you have to be aware of your surroundings to protect yourself from unwanted crime or attention.

Must have Travel Accessories

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When packing for your first solo trip, it is important to take a few extra precautions to ensure that your trips are not only smooth, but safe. These 11 products are designed to prevent or initiate any series of compromising situations that you might encounter along the way, so you can enjoy every second of your solo journey without worries.

1. For a fashionable way to carry a whistle

Your father may have given you a gift with a, ahem, unnecessary set of pepper spray and Swiss Army knives to protect you before you go to Southeast Asia for few months, but this upgrade to the traditional whistle is both practical and beautiful. Although it looks like a statement necklace at first glance – and passersby – it is actually a super loud whistle that you can use if you are ever in a difficult situation and need help.

2. For unexpected rain showers

Especially if you travel through South or Central America, where a daily thunderstorm is not only probable but also expected, you will need something that keeps you dry and prevents you from seeking help from strangers to escape the rain. Instead of taking an umbrella in travel format that the work or a large rain jacket will not wear, consider this scarf with double function. When it starts to sprinkle, pull away the cover that is tucked away in the bag of this water-resistant store and continue on your way. As a bonus, it also has two hidden compartments where you can keep your credit card, keys or other valuables that you want to hide.

RainScarf - The Only Fashion Scarf that Transforms to Waterproof! - Black

3. For when you want to stay connected with your lugagge

Stuck at the bus station without a power outlet? This hardsided spinner has an easy to remove power bank to charge your technology, no matter how long you are at the airport. It also has a TSA-approved lock, so you can get away while you are waiting for your boarding session without worrying.

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4. For when your phone is dead and you need light

Your first tendency may be to skip a flashlight because your phone probably has one and they’re bulky, but what happens if you do not have a battery and you need light to unlock your bike in Kyoto? Relieving your path is never a bad idea, and with this light as big as a pen, you do not feel like you’re dragging excess weight.

5. For when you feel unsafe

More than any travel guide or tour that you could take, your gut often leads you in the right direction. Even if there is no direct threat, if you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, it is best to leave the area as quickly as possible. That is why this cheap and small keychain alarm is a smart idea. If you remove the black pin, a loud – and apparently annoying – noise can explode for up to 30 minutes, leaving unruly characters following you or staying in your area and getting help if you need it.

6. For drinking clean water, always

Since the vast majority of the world does not have tap water, you can relax when you return to your Airbnb or hostel. The purification of your H2O becomes an important task. You not only save endless water bottles that have a negative impact on the environment, but you also save your stomach.

7. To stay hydrated

How often have you been in awe of a number of steps you have taken in a single travel day? Between the scaling of the length of an airport and the settlement of every monument, museum and attraction in a certain city, your hotel or hostel is only used as a place to crash. In addition to storing sunscreen, it is also important to stay hydrated. The only drawback is that most cross-body bags are not big enough to keep your trusted bottle of water. The solution? This trendy new bag contains 17 ounces of water, with a straw straight in the belt.Check this out here below.

The Conway - Classic Black: Perfect Handbag/Hydration Purse Pack for Travel, Music Festivals and Water Bottle for Everyday!

8. For protecting your Essential Things in busy areas

Leave your cute backpack at home this time. You will not want to attract duplicate tapping on Instagram with the risk of also falling on pickpockets. Keep your valuables protected with this choice of PacSafe, a trusted travel brand for accessories on the go. This 25-liter backpack has safety features such as slanted fabric, belts that can be locked on the seat or table when you are eating outside, and zippers that are discreetly snapped shut. It also expands to fit everything you need for a long weekend, lost in the wonder of a new city.

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9. For days away from Power outlets

When you jump on one of those fun one-day trips that take you to a remote part of a country or city, you have to make sure that you can take photos all day – and ask for help if you are separated from the group. To my rescue comes this innovative battery pack that can hold up to two full loads and is magnetically attached to the back of your phone as magic, hence the name.Checkout this Power outlet below.

10. To keep a firm grip on your phone

Nowadays, your smartphone is not just a way to browse Instagram or look up your thumbs on your latest Facebook message; it is your way of staying connected to your home base, wherever you are in the world. Unlike your passport, we would argue that your phone is your second largest trip essential. Keep an eye on it – whether you’re on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia or riding a camel in Morocco – with this simple, effective accessory which also serves as a small wallet. If it does not hold your credit cards, you can slide your hand into the slot to ensure that you do not accidentally drop it in the middle of the selfie.

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HidInslip Sharkskin Phone Strap Wallet (Small)

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